Failed to create temp directory /tmp filemin virtualmin

i have recently have integrated whmcs with virtualmin and one of the problems it's that i get this error when i try to use the file manager form the new created virtualserver

Failed to create temp directory /tmp2-1218-xasdxdco : uid= mode=

tmp2 it's my personalized webmin tmp directory that I have to create to allog big account to be crated (a bug tha may have to change in the future)

this error doesn't happend on regular created virtual servers

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Where did you configure this custom temp directory?

on webmin configuration in Advanced Options

Okay, just to clarify, what is the value set for your custom Webmin directory? Is it "/tmp2-1218-xasdxdco"?

/tmp2 naturally...

today i have upgraded the theme for webmin and seems that they have corrected the issue... Authentic theme version 19.23-beta1 thanks anyway have a nice day

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Authentic theme version problem

Needs review

it was a false positive... the error still exist when I accessed was from root user accessing from customer side the problem still exist...

Failed to create temp directory /tmp2-1223-inetmees : uid= mode=

Can you share a screenshot of what your Advanced Settings screen looks like in Webmin?

Also, what is the output of this command:

ls -ld /tmp2

ok, but i think the problem its for definition of the new temp forlder that must to be a subfolder of tmp2 and as i see now its trying to generate a root folder on the server that an account haven't got enough permissions....

drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 16384 ene 9 10:28 /tmp2

You should make /tmp2 world-writable like /tmp is, so that non-root users can create files in it.

i have chmod 777 /tmp2 whith the same resoult when trying to use file manager from user created automatic from whmcs connection (i think i havent told you this detail)

Failed to create temp directory /tmp2-1222-estersco : uid= mode=

as I see the problem its the deffinition of the use of tmp folder the temp directory mus to be in subfolder /tmp2/1222-esterco (inside folder) what the script its trying to do its write into root path /tmp2-1222-estersco outside /tmp2 directory

Yeah, the trouble is it normally does attempt to make it within the folder. What we're trying to do is figure out why that isn't working as expected in this case.

I'm not seeing a screenshot of the Webmin Advanced Settings screen... if you had attempted to attach that, could you try that again? As I'm not sure it worked as expected.

i have upload the screenshot... please review the script that asign the tmp folder on virtualserver creation that there must be a mistake

You should set the path to something like /tmp2/.webmin instead.

ok, now its working :-D the slash whas the problem... but now the starting path for this templated based virtual server explorer are wrong, they are only allowed to go in something like this /home/chroot/154695460825132 where can i thange de default path for the explorer in the template ??

We're glad to hear that's working now, thanks for letting us know how you fixed it!

It sounds like you're seeing a new issue as well, that appears to be unrelated to the original issue.

We're happy to help! Though if you're seeing a new issue, it'd be best if you could open a new support request for that. Thanks!

it was just putting the slash at the end of directory path.... ok i will open a new issue but its just to know where i can config the path for file explorer in webmin / virtualmin becouse when start working it don't give the /home/virtualserver that it must to be

False positive... :(

The problem persists on webmin access Failed to create temp directory /tmp2/-1222-estersco : uid= mode=

File manager only works on usermin access

What are the permissions on /tmp2 ? They should be the same as on /tmp

This has been checked