add unzip to customers jail

I have a client that is trying to run unzip from their jail but they get the error bash: unzip: command not found. Unzip is installed on the server. Any ideas?



The way to do this is to add an extra section to /etc/jailkit/jk_init.ini that looks like :

comment = ZIP utilities
paths = zip, unzip

Then edit /etc/webmin/virtual-server/config and add the line jail_sects=unzip at the end.

can this be added to future virt versions by default? I am just not willing to risk future problems trying to modify virtualmin from it's default state anymore.

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Passing this to Joe for review

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There is an editor for jail configuration GUI in Webmin; you can create whatever kind of jail you need (or any number of jails, if you have different kinds of users). It's under System->Jailkit Jail Manager.

I am somewhat ambivalent about adding things to the default jail, since it is so easy to add things, and it's also highly variable which binaries people will want/need. unzip isn't a crazy thing to some point, though, we do have to draw a line about what the default jail contains.

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Submitted by Joe on Sun, 02/03/2019 - 19:50 Pro Licensee

And, to be clear, this isn't modifying Virtualmin. This is a configuration file. There's lots of them, and you can't use Virtualmin at all without modifying some config files.

All of the issues I have had is changing a configuration from it's default either through the interface or directly as was proposed. Here lately I have had multiple major issues from minor changes from it's default...nothing exotic and all within virts marketed capabilities. I do not care how the file is modified it is modified...and virt has bombed on me because of it. So please consider this a feature request.

No dice here. Searching for Jail Manager . . . found 0 results :

No Webmin modules or pages matching Jail Manager were found.

searching for jailkit gets me: Base directory for Jailkit directories
Hours between Jailkit root directory refreshes Never refesh automatically Additional Jailkit sections to copy
Do i put just the words unzip in the additional jailkit sections to copy or the text: [unzip] comment = ZIP utilities paths = zip, unzip

jailkit jail manager is in my unbuntu install but not the centos install. They are both running 6.05. the UI's between centos and ubuntu are both completely different as well.