Using another user than root for transfering domain

Great job with 18.04, it seems to work like a charm.

I tried for the first time - I mean I never did it before - to transfer a virtual server, using the dedicated page from Server Configuration.

There is no choice for the user name: it has be root. On Ubuntu most don't use root, and you have that ability to specify the username in most of the forms for contacting a remote server. Why not there?

Many thanks!

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Title: Using another user then root for transfering domain » Using another user than root for transfering domain

Unfortunately doing a transfer by logging in as another user and then sudo'ing to root isn't supported currently. Mainly because sudo can't be used when copying files via scp

Ok, understood, thanks a lot. Maybe it would be doable if you were doing it the other way around: transferring the domain from the server receiving with the domain's credentials. Just an idea :)

Thanks for the suggestion, we'll review what changes we can make there for the future.

In the meantime, you can still do a migration using the command line, just not via the GUI.

To do a command line migration, you can use the instructions here:

Although the above instructions mention using root, it'd be no problem to use an alternative user. Just SCP the backups to your preferred user, then use "sudo" whenever you run the "virtualmin" command on the command line.

One thing we could do is allow the transfer using the Virtualmin credentials. Do you login to Virtualmin as root on the remote system?

No, I don't have root login anywhere

I have some ideas as to how this can be supported .. will update this ticket when there is progress.

Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

ubuntu does not give you root by default. sudo is the way things get done. centos 7 also uses sudo but does not hard enforce it the way ubuntu does..i would expect that to change in the upcoming rhel 8 which just came out in closed beta.

If you want root in ubuntu have have to manually set the root password and then manually enable the root user..something most folks will not do as that is not the default way of doing things. The days of being able to go right to root are becoming numbered.

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Ok, the next Virtualmin release will allow backing up to remote systems running webmin or virtualmin, even when direct root logins are disabled - as long as you can login as a sudo-capable user.

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