Issue with teamspeak

I tried to use Teamspeak on the server where i also have my virtualmin setup. The thing is, as i tried to connect to the ts server, i just got the standard cannot connect error message, as if there was no ts3 server. ive tried to install ts3 on its own, it worked, and as soon as i installed vmin it didnt work anymore... i havent even created any virtual servers

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Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

While setting up and configuring a service such as TeamSpeak is a bit outside the scope of our support here, one thing you may want to do is ensure that either you aren't running a firewall, or, that the TeamSpeak port is open. A firewall is one possible cause of why a new service might not be remotely accessible.

what does virtualmin change in the firewall tho?

ok got it running thx for your help anyways xD

Closed (fixed)