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since 2 days my backup is in error, files "tar.gz" for all domains are present, but there are not the files ".tar.gz.dom" and ""! What could cause this?

Failed to lock file /mnt/backupnfs/xxxxxxx/17-01-2019/ after 5 minutes. Last error was : Flock failed : No locks available at /usr/share/webmin/ line 1478.

Thank you


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Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Are you by chance using NFS there?

While I haven't personally run into this issue before, some research suggests that you may be seeing an issue with the NFS server itself.

The particular error you're seeing there can occur if the NFS mount is out of space, or is stale -- but if that's the case I suspect you wouldn't be seeing some backups appear there.

It can also occur if the NFS server doesn't have a lock service (lockd) running. This possibility seems a little more likely.

You'd want to ensure that the lockd process is running; you could either restart the service, or you could always restart the NFS server, and then re-mount it.

yes it is storage service that I use with NFS access as I could have used it in FTP mode! I use Virtualmin for more than 10 years and this is the first time that I meet this problem! .... I will wait a few days and come back if it happens again!

Check it the remote NFS server supports locking. If not, it is possible to mount the filesystem with locks disabled.

thank you for your answers, I made a "umount / mount", move the backup schedule and I still have this error. I do not have access to the configuration of this NFS share and I have another Virtualmin server that does its backups on it and I do not have this problem!

Thank you for your help

There's unfortunately not too much we can do about that.. Virtualmin is trying to create a lock file, and it's being told by the NFS server that it's unable to.

You may want to chat with the service provider who manages the NFS system there to ensure that there aren't any compatibility issues between your distro/version and the backup service you're using. You may want to mention the error you're seeing to them, "Flock failed : No locks available".

However, you could always try connecting to it via a different means, such as using FTP. That should get around the issue.

yes you're right, I'll see with the ISP and I'll come back to you ...


after reconnect NFS with nfs4 instead nfs3 (debian default) it's ok

thank you

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