New Webmin version 1.350 and Usermin version 1.280

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#1 Wed, 06/06/2007 - 15:31
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New Webmin version 1.350 and Usermin version 1.280

Hi all, <p> I've just rolled Webmin version 1.350 and Usermin version 1.280 into all repositories. <p> Change in Webmin since 1.340 (you guys have been on 1.345 or 1.347 for a while, so not all of these are new to you): <p> [list]

[*]Fixed an XSS security bug in pam_login.cgi.[/*]

[*]Added plain-text mode and head section preservation to the File Manager HTML editor, and a field to select which user uploaded files are owned as.[/*]

[*]Added Postfix module configuration options for the start, stop and restart commands.[/*]

[*]Use the HTML output mode from the pgsql command in the PostgreSQL module, for more reliable data editing when DBI is not available.[/*]

[*]The Running Processes module now shows real and virtual memory on Solaris.[/*]

[*]Added Redhat Enterprise 5 support, and fixed SuSE 10 and Solaris-specific bugs.[/*]

[*]View the[a href=&quot;;&gt;detailed change log&lt;/a&gt;.[/*]


<p> Changes in Usermin since 1.270: <p> [list]

[*]Added a Read Mail module Preferences option to have addressbook entries automatically added to the SpamAssassin whitelist.
[*]When searching a spam, virus or drafts folder, the same buttons that appear in the original folder will appear in the search results.
[*]Added Preferences page options for selecting the sent mail and drafts folder filenames.
[*]Added a search box to the address chooser popup.


<p> As usual, the updates will appear in the Virtualmin updates module on your System Information page shortly, or you can browse to the Webmin:System:Virtualmin Package updates module directly and get the updates immediately. <p> Please let us know of any problems by filing a bug in the tracker.