Proxy webmail.domain.tld to Usermin and include subdomain in SSL certificate

Hi, maybe i'm doing something wrong, but this would be a good feature anyway.

As we can only assign one certificate to Usermin (the main hostname certificate), then I can't access a virtual server/domain's webmail without a certificate error.

I believe cPanel sets up a proxy for webmail.domain.tld to (or equivalent thereof), meaning we can access webmail for a domain, without getting security errors (the webmail subdomain would need to be added to the certificate request of course).

Is there already a way to do this in Virtualmin?



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

What we'd suggest in that case, is to setup an SSL certificate for "webmail.domain.tld", and then use a redirect to redirect that domain to Usermin.

What you can do is set your preferred redirect URL in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website -> URL for webmail redirect.

Hi, so you mean redirect to usermin on the hostname address?

Would still be nice for clients to be able to access their webmail/usermin under their own domain.

But in the meantime I'll update the redirect, many thanks.