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#1 Mon, 10/15/2007 - 02:52

moving a directory question


Before I buy Virtualmin I have a question. Here is my setup... 1 primary drive for my OS 2 stripes for the user web sites

When I am in Virtualmin, can I move the virtual servers (domains) of my clients to one of my larger arrays?


Mon, 10/15/2007 - 13:07
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Virtualmin doesn't care anything about your partition layout.

It creates homes in /home (by default, but changing it requires a rebuild of apache, due to suexec's requirements)...where you put /home is up to you.

So, I'm not actually sure how to answer your question, since Virtualmin is orthogonal to the choices you make for your filesystems.

Or, are you saying you want to have many /home partitions (all named something different)? If so, I'd recommend against it. Apache suexec won't be happy...though it'd probably work if you named them /home/a, /home/b, /home/c, etc., and I'm pretty sure the option to spread things out that way still exists in the Virtualmin module configuration (though I'm unaware of anyone using the option--it definitely existed in the past). That's really only going to be useful if you have a lot of virtual servers (where "a lot" is probably defined in thousands, but possibly in hundreds). Anyway, if this is the case, the answer is no. Virtualmin does not move virtual servers around on your server.


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