Network Configuration - Network Interfaces Is showing strange things!


Today, when back at work I noticed a few strange things!

The Webmin / Network Configuration / Network Interfaces / Active Now is looking strange!

On the screen dump NetworkConfiguration-ActiveNow.jpg you can see that it looks like the main interface is not configured. The IP for that main interface, X.X.X.116 is shown on the virtual interface em1:118, that should have the IP X.X.X.118.

Then on the screen dump NetworkConfiguration-ActivatedAtBoot.jpg you can see that the configuration and IPs are right.

And the page Virtualmin / Addresses and Networking / Shared IP Addresses don't look right either.

On the screen dump AddressesAndNetworking-SharedIPAddresses.jpg you can see that the default shared IPv4 address are missing.

The page Virtualmin / Create Virtual Server / IP address and forwarding don't show the IP.

See screen dump CreateVirtualServer.jpg

Do you know what is going on, it looks like this on both our servers. Both runs on CentOS 7, Webmin 1.921, Usermin 1.771, Virtualmin 6.07 Pro, Authentic theme 19.38

Best Regards, Leffe

Closed (fixed)


Our other server has waiting kernel updates and I don't know if I can run them, because a reboot is required and on this server the reboot did change/remove network settings.


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Sorry for the delay!

I'm passing this over to Jamie for comment.

I have the same error, a lot of servers

Closed (fixed)

The latest updates seems to have fixed this, everything looks as id should again.


Changing status to Closed and Fixed!

Regards, Leffe