More network issues after latest update


I got lots of issues after last update and restart!

DNS Client Options "Search domains" in Network configuration don't get saved, value is wiped after a reboot. FQDN is replaced with hostname after a reboot. Virtual network interfaces with Activated at boot set to "NO" is started anyway on a reboot. Network Interfaces Active now is totally messed up. When for example adding a Alias domain the network settings is not respected, it saves the default host IP even if it shows the servers IP.

I don't know what else has been changed or reset but I know this is more or less a catastrophe!!! I have no idea what else doesn't work, and many settings is done when installing Virtualmin and I really don't know how to fix things manually afterwards.

I have been using Virtualmin for 15 years and have not have issues like this before! The last two years there have been issues after many of the updates. I have been working all night to try to find what more has been broken or changed.

Do you guys have any clue what may have cause this.

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1410, 8 cores, 32GB, 500GB SSD, Raid-1, CentOS 7.6.1810, Webmin 1.921, Usermin 1.771, Virtualmin 6.07 Pro, Authentic theme 19.38

Best regards, Leffe

Closed (fixed)


Do you have DHCP enabled for your system's primary network interface? That might be the cause of the IPs not been persisted..

Any updates on this issue?

It's not only the network config that being affected when settings and FQDN is deleted/changed, this also affects email and other stuff!

I have another server waiting to be updated but I don't know If can do the update since it requires a reboot, and FQDN and other things did change and/or got reset and faulty configured after reboot.

I see other have the same problem to, see my other post.

Regards, Leffe

Closed (fixed)

The latest updates seems to have fixed this, everything looks fine again.


Changing status to Closed and Fixed!

Regards, Leffe