Question about migrating certain older cPanel sites that use subdomains

Apparently, cPanel used to create new subdomains pointing to subdirectories of /public_html/ on the parent domain, for example:


I've seen this on enough older sites that I have to assume it was an old cPanel convention that even they realized was stupid. The current method is to point them to


As far as I can tell, the Virtualmin migration tool checks for the more recent subdomains and imports them as subservers in


When the subdomains were created using the older cPanel method, however, subservers are created pointing to


but the files that were inside the subdirectories are not imported. (They're still there in the subdirectories in /public_html/, but they're not placed inside the new subserver directories.)

This is an old cPanel quirk, not a Webmin or Virtualmin bug. But in terms of making the subservers work properly once migrated, two possible solutions come to mind:

  1. Create new directories using the newer method before the site is migrated, populate them with the files, and re-point the subdomains.

  2. Re-point the subservers to the old directories post-migration. I think this could be done in Edit Website Redirect by pointing sub.parent.tld to /home/parent/public_html/sub/$1, but I haven't actually tried it on a test server.

Obviously, method 1 would be better. Method 2, however, (assuming it would work) would be easier for clients who are not professionals (for example, small businesses who paid someone to have a site built, but currently maintain it themselves).

My question is: Other than being unconventional and perpetuating something that was done stupidly to begin with, is there any functional problem with using Method 2? Would Virtualmin vomit on it in some way (stats, etc.)?