Dropbox backup (partial) failure

While backing up all my sites it fails on 8 out of close to 30 total websites. Mostly wordpress installs.

The error message for all these is the same. All 8 are wordpress installs. But so are 95% of the sites on this server.

.. upload failed! Error in call to API function "files/upload_session/append:2": Bad HTTP "Content-Type" header: "application/x-www-form-urlencoded". Expecting one of "application/octet-stream", "text/plain; charset=dropbox-cors-hack". (performed 3 attempts)

Its pretty clear what that means. Just not sure why it might be happening.

What other error logs or info do we need to help trouble shoot this.



Howdy -- thanks for your report!

That's an issue that Jamie is working on now, several folks are seeing that issue. It will be fixed in the next Virtualmin version.

Note though that the dropbox upload feature only comes with Virtualmin Pro, and it appears your Pro subscription lapsed last month. You'd need to have an active Virtualmin Pro license in order to receive any updates for Virtualmin Pro.

I have this happening too. Any word on its cause or a possible fix?

Thanks for checking in on this! I asked Jamie for his thoughts on when we'll be releasing an update... if it's not soon we'll work with you to get a patch applied.

That's cool. You guys rock.

We're seeing this well, on almost all of the 170+ virtual servers we back up to Dropbox. The exact same error message as in the original post. I'd say this issue cropped up for us about 2 weeks ago but I don't know for sure. We thought it may have just been a fluke on Dropbox's end but I'm glad to see this issue exists and is being worked on. Looking forward to the next Virtualmin update and we of course appreciate everyone's hard work on Virtualmin and Webmin over the years! :)