iptables state established, related is not shown

On both my VirtualMin 6.08pro and on my WebMin 1.930 the iptables state established,related is NOT shown - neither on the overview of rules not in the detailed rule.

I do beleave, that it has worked in the past. And this problem did cause quite some panic, until I found the error.

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I noticed, that on Webmin version 1.932, Virtualmin community version 6.08, the problem does not occur. Can it be related to manual iptable config updates on the 2 servers with the problem ?

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Howdy -- thanks for your report!

I'm passing this along to Jamie for further comment.

Note though that in theory, Webmin is just showing what iptables is telling it.

I'd be curious if you see what's missing when running iptables on the command line, such as with "iptables -L -n", or if that's missing there as well.

I did attach relevant extract from iptables-save output to the original post.

This could be due to a difference in the name of the state-tracking flag in newer kernel versions.

What does the uname -r command output on your system?

3.10.0-1062.4.1.el7.x86_64 on alle 3 systems: - virtualmin pro 1.932 with the issue - webmin 1.930 with the issue - virtualmin community 1.932 without this issue That is all shown in the attachments

The simple fix is to edit your IPtables config file, and change the old --state flag to --cstate

CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core):

[root@agurk8 ~]# iptables-restore < z
iptables-restore v1.4.21: unknown option "--cstate"
Error occurred at line: 13
Try `iptables-restore -h' or 'iptables-restore --help' for more information.
[root@agurk8 ~]#

/ Harald

iptables v1.4.21

Hi again Now I finally got your point, James. My iptables configs origin from older centos 6 servers. I found this helpful manual for iptables: https://www.linuxtopia.org/Linux_Firewall_iptables/index.html I have now changed the config files from "-m state --state ..." to "-m conntrack --ctstate ..." and the GUI is working fine. Thank you.

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I'm glad you were able to fix it, thanks for letting us know how you were able to correct it!

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