CentOS 8.2 VM on Azure can't boot after VirtualMin installation

I have created a CentOS 8.2 Linux VM on Azure, installed Virtualmin and at first reboot can't access the VM at all. Reproduced it a few times. Here are details.

  1. Run sudo yum update
  2. Reboot - OK
  3. Install virtualmin : sudo wget http://software.virtualmin.com/gpl/scripts/install.sh ; sudo /bin/sh install.sh – OK but see a warning saying "The filesytem / could not be remounted with quotas enabled. You will need to reboot your system to enable quotas."
  4. Reboot – Not OK

In the boot diagnosis provided by Azure I see this :

[ 1746.606496] reboot: machine restart
[H[J[1;1Herror: ../../grub-core/fs/fshelp.c:258:file `/grub2/i386-pc/increment.mod' not found.
error: ../../grub-core/fs/fshelp.c:258:file `/grub2/grubenv' not found.
[4;1H1    [4;1H0    [H[J[1;1H[H[J[1;1Herror: ../../grub-core/fs/fshelp.c:258:file `/grub2/i386-pc/increment.mod' not found.
error: ../../grub-core/fs/fshelp.c:258:file `/grub2/grubenv' not found.

The VM is up but can't be access by any method.

I have done some research and didn't find any useful info. Is this a known problem ? Could there be something missing on the VM prior to installing virtualmin ? I don't really need quotas, is there way to skip this feature (assuming it is causing the issue) ?

Also note that I did have the same warning during install on CentOS 7 but the system can boot properly but I really need to be using CentOS 8.

Any help would be appreciated !

Virtualmin version: 
Webmin version: 


What kind of filesystem are you using on this VM? Only XFS should require a reboot.

Hi Jamie, FileSystem is XFS. Though I am not sure that it makes a difference. Do you think another FS would not have this issue ?

Yes, I would recommend giving it a try with a different filesystem (like EXT4)

Unfortunately I tried and cannot change the filesystem type

Does Azure offer a different VM image using EXT4 as the filesystem type that you could use to create a new VM?

Hi Jamie, it doesn't seem like it. But I found a workaround : install webmin first then install virtualmin as a webmin module. That did the trick.

I,m using Debian on Azure and when upgrading the reboot must be done from within Azure VM, othervise it hangs and it is a mess to reach it and restart. It must be done by commands via console. Just don't ask me how to do it, I have forgotten it despite having messed it up many times.

So restart from Azure.

If you install the OS using Azure, it will be a slight different version installed. I think it has to do with that Azure offers a service that automatically installes all upgrades.

Surprising that it only works from the Azure console, since I'd expect the boot process to be the same regardless.