Configuring POP3 and IMAP Clients

# POP3 and IMAP and SMTP Authentication

Virtualmin configures the Dovecot POP3 and IMAP server for usage with all common mail clients, and Cyrus saslauthd for SMTP authentication on outgoing mail.

## POP3/IMAP Username

You can always find the username for a user by looking on the **Edit Users** page for the virtual server in which the user exists. It will be displayed in the **IMAP/FTP login** field. With the exception of users with `@` in them, the username will be the same for _all_ services (mail, ssh, FTP, Usermin, etc.).

## Username Conventions

Virtualmin, by default, creates system login names by combining the username and the first part of the domain name, separated by a configurable separator ("." by default). Thus, a user named `joe` within the `` domain would use the login name `joe.virtualmin`.

This is, of course, completely configurable. To choose the username format used, browse to **System Settings:Server Templates** and select the **Mail for domain** section, and locate the _Format for usernames that include domain_ field at the bottom of the page.

### user@domain.tld Style Usernames

Virtualmin also supports `user@domain.tld` style usernames, though there are some caveats in this configuration. Specifically, Postfix does not support delivery to users with `@` in them, and so Virtualmin creates two users (one that Postfix will deliver to, and one with `@`).

In order for SMTP authentication to work with users in this format, `saslauthd` also needs to be configured to include domain information.

On Red Hat, Fedora, and CentOS systems, edit `/etc/sysconfig/saslauthd` and add `"-r"` to the `FLAGS=` line, save it and restart the saslauthd service.

On Debian and Ubuntu, edit `/etc/defaults/saslauthd` and add the `"-r"` flag to the `PARAMS=` line, save it, and restart the saslauthd service.

## Thunderbird

Open the **Account Settings** dialog. Click the **Add Account** button in the lower right corner of the window. Select **Email account** and click **Next**.

Fill in your name and the email address for this account.

Select POP or IMAP, fill in the hostname of the Virtualmin server in the **Incoming Server**, and then click **Next**.

On the next page, fill in the username. Click **Next**.

Give the account a name (the default will be the email address associated with the account).