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Project Summary Status Category Replies Last updated Assigned to Createdsort descending
Webmin Core MariaDB 10.4 mysql.user moved ot mysql.global_priv Active Bug report 2 2 weeks 3 days JamieCameron 2 weeks 6 days
Cloudmin setting a custom port for ssh on a virtual machine created/maintained by cloudmin Active Support request 5 2 weeks 1 day 2 weeks 4 days
Cloudmin not working Active Support request 1 2 weeks 3 days 2 weeks 3 days
Cloudmin New System Images Active Support request 3 2 weeks 2 days Joe 2 weeks 2 days License reported on multiple servers Active Support request 1 1 week 6 days RexPhillips 1 week 6 days Cloudmin install script download link fails Active Bug report 7 1 week 12 hours 1 week 5 days
Virtualmin Virtual Servers Centos 8 Virtualmin installation script fail Active Bug report 4 1 week 2 days 1 week 4 days
Virtualmin Virtual Servers mass restore alias domains corrupts Apache httpd.conf Active Bug report 2 1 week 4 days JamieCameron 1 week 4 days
Virtualmin Virtual Servers Proftpd upgrade hangs Active Bug report 4 1 week 2 days 1 week 2 days
Virtualmin Virtual Servers Dovecot SNI SSL Certificates Fixed (pending) Bug report 15 5 days 19 hours 1 week 2 days
Virtualmin Virtual Servers script Horde fails to install Active Support request 2 4 days 2 hours 1 week 1 day
Virtualmin Virtual Servers Missing Perl libraries on Ubuntu 18.04.3 / Virtualmin GPL 6.08 on DigitalOcean Active Bug report 3 5 days 18 hours Joe 6 days 20 hours
Cloudmin Cloudmin installation issue - no script available - The requested URL /cgi-bin/cloudmin-redhat-install.cgi was not found on this server. Active Bug report 3 3 days 2 hours 6 days 3 hours
Webmin Core Still problems that break Postfix when changing network settings Active Bug report 6 2 days 17 hours JamieCameron 6 days 1 hour virtual server website will not open, page will download Fixed Support request 2 5 days 23 hours snowbirdadmin 6 days 47 min
Authentic Theme Icon in Linux Firewall (iptables) Active Bug report 18 2 days 22 hours 5 days 2 hours
Virtualmin Virtual Servers Webmin group for domain owners -> on Add/Edit Server Template Error | Virtualmin 6.08 GPL Fixed (pending) Bug report 4 2 days 19 hours 4 days 26 min
Virtualmin Virtual Servers Virtualmin installer installs broken firewalld on systems with moolithic kernel. Active Feature request 4 19 hours 59 min 1 day 17 hours
Cloudmin Cloudmin tab not showing after centos install with Webmin + Virtualmin already installed Active Task 2 38 min 29 sec 18 hours 25 min


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