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Website Default Page

A website default page is created after virtual server was setup using Virtualmin, to help server administrators to determine if a newly created website is working as expected. Virtualmin is not responsible for delivering website default page, and is not your hosting provider. Virtualmin provides the server control panel used to manage websites. Questions about your account or a disabled site should be addressed to your provider. A properly working top-level server or a sub-server should always match the domain name on the default page with the same domain name used on the URL. Server administrators can disable virtual servers […]

Troubleshooting Update Repositories

It is important to have Virtualmin repositories configured correctly to make sure the latest packages are installed. If you cannot receive Virtualmin or Webmin and Usermin upgrades on time, it means your Virtualmin repositories are either outdated or configured incorrectly. All you need to do to fix a problem is to grab an official Virtualmin installation script and run it with --setup param to upgrade Virtualmin repositories and exit. /usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/sh --setup Note: Script will automatically setup correct repositories depending on your installation type and version. Virtualmin Professional users do not need to do any extra […]

Cloudmin Provisioning

Introduction and Installation - What the Cloudmin Services does, and how to install it. Host Systems - Setting up and adding host systems. System Owners - Creating system owner accounts for service hosting. Client Systems - Configuring Virtualmin client systems. Services API - Calling the services API from your own code. These commands are part of the Cloudmin provisioning server plugin, and can be used to create DNS zones, MySQL databases and other services on host systems. check-dns-zone - Checks if a DNS zone exists or not on any provisioining system. check-mysql-database - Checks if a MySQL database exists or […]

Cloudmin Virtualization

Introduction to Virtualization Concepts - Introductory coverage of virtualization concepts, types of virtualization, and how Cloudmin interacts with virtualized cloud servers. Setting Up Linux Open Source Xen Virtualization - Using Cloudmin with Linux open source Xen virtualized systems. Setting Up Citrix Xen Virtualization - Using Cloudmin with Citrix Xen virtualized systems. Setting Up Linux OpenVZ Virtualization - Using Cloudmin with Linux OpenVZ virtual containers. Setting Up KVM Virtualization - Using Cloudmin with Linux KVM instances. Setting Up Linux LXC Virtualization - Using Cloudmin with Linux LXC containers. Setting Up Docker Virtualization - Using Cloudmin with Docker containers. Setting Up Solaris/OpenSolaris […]