We understand that managing servers can be complex, but you’re not alone. Our team is dedicated to helping you utilize our products to their fullest potential. Whether you’re troubleshooting, need quick solutions, or require in-depth assistance, the creators of Webmin, Usermin, Virtualmin, Cloudmin, and the Authentic Theme are here at your service.

Quick Self-Help
For quick self-help, begin by searching our forum. A wealth of collective knowledge is available there, as many questions have already been asked and answered. By searching for your issue first, you might find the solution you need in just a few minutes.

Premium Support

Experience dedicated support as a paid customer. For quick and reliable assistance, feel free to contact our team via private message; your tickets are always free. With your Professional subscription, you’re assured of priority handling for all your support tickets. While we guarantee a response time within 24 hours, we often respond much faster.

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Community Support

For GPL users or those who prefer a community-based help, we encourage you to join and engage with our forum, where our staff and community members are always eager to help. Feel free to post your questions there if you’re comfortable with a brief wait. Our community, along with the staff, actively participate and are keen to assist. While we prioritize direct support for paid customers, we value each user and strive to contribute to forum discussions as often as possible.

However, before engaging, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our guidelines to ensure a positive and productive experience.

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Report a Bug

Help improve our products for everyone:

  • Spotted a bug? Whether you’re a GPL or Pro user, we encourage you to report it. Use the appropriate GitHub issue tracker to report non-security related bugs.
  • For sensitive reports, especially security vulnerabilities, please use the designated security@ email address to ensure responsible handling of the issue.
  • Our forum is also a place to discuss potential bugs; sometimes what seems like a bug might be a configuration issue that the community or our staff can quickly resolve.

Remember, your feedback and reports are invaluable. They not only help us improve our software but also enhance the experience for the entire user base. Let’s work together to keep it running smoothly.