Virtualmin 7.20.1 released

Add support for changing username format to match the local system when restoring a backup Fix a bug that can corrupt the Dovecot config when creation of the default domain fails Fix a bug that can cause CGI scripts to be disabled by default

July 11, 2024 · 1 min · Ilia Ross

Virtualmin 7.20 released

Add support to record most recent user logins for virtual servers Add ability to disable domains on given schedule Add support for proxying WebSocket with Apache and Nginx proxy paths Add an API to manage scheduled backups Add the ability to enable DKIM even if the mail feature is disabled Add ability to check the resolvability of alternative names before issuing a Let’s Encrypt certificate Add an API to move SSL certificates to a new location if it differs from the active template Add an option to the Website Options page to redirect www to non-www and vice versa (currently for Apache systems only) Add support for host-based redirects (currently for Apache systems only) Fix to change the default settings so that records are not proxied by default when using Cloudflare Fix a bug where CGI execution mode was disabled on initial install Fix PHP modes availability depending on the CGI execution mode Fix a bug with default shell selection when a user is created using the CLI Fix the issue where the last login time is not being updated Fix false-positive warnings about missing IPv6 addresses Fix domain locking bugs Drop support for obsolete or not fully supported mail servers like VPopMail, and Exim

June 24, 2024 · 1 min · Ilia Ross

Virtualmin 7.10 released

Add S3 account management integration Add reworked Edit Users page with ability to add separate database and webserver users Add support for adding and updating SSH public key for virtual server users Add support for selecting CGI mode for virtual server using Website Options page and CLI Add Google Drive sub-folder support for backups and purging Add support for purging Backblaze date-based buckets Add support for name-based virtual FTP servers Add charset and collation retention for MySQL/MariaDB databases restored from backups Add support for restoring backups from relative paths using Virtualmin CLI Add option to clear spam and trash mail sub-folders Add sanity check for the DNS master IP address Add link from DNS Records page to reset DNS records Fix bugs in syncing of DNS TTL records Fix to re-parent DNS records upon owner change Fix to correctly split long DNS TXT records Fix to include webmail DNS records for Nginx configurations too Fix to further improve auto-discover config feature work correctly in Microsoft Outlook Fix to test if generated password matches the pattern required for installed scripts Fix to switch to System Logs Viewer module for viewing logs Fix wizard to handle MySQL/MariaDB socket authentication Fix to allow Let’s Encrypt certificates be requested even without a website Updated terminology now refers to incremental backups as differential backups

March 24, 2024 · 2 min · Ilia Ross

Virtualmin 7.9 released

Add reworked navigation menu for better usability and accessibility Add support for different PHP-FPM process manager modes (dynamic, static, ondemand) Add Google Drive support as cloud storage provider for Virtualmin Pro users Add enhanced Jailkit domain features for Virtualmin Pro users, including abilities to copy extra commands and sections, and to reset previously configured jail environment Add ability to preserve php_value, php_admin_value, env and pm. settings when changing PHP-FPM version Add Cloudflare API token support for more secure and precise authentication, replacing the need for using global API keys Add API for restarting system or virtual server services using virtualmin restart-server command Add support for showing dynamic placeholder for path/file field in Backup and Restore ⇾ Scheduled Backups page #647 Add ability to use the database character set when performing back up and restore Add improvements to validate domain output page Add various improvements for migrations from cPanel and Plesk Add template substitutions to support variables for the MySQL/MariaDB host and port #666 Add ability to show domain type when listing domains in UI #676 Add support for using Webmin RPC to perform virtual servers transfer to remote systems Add an option to re-allocate usernames when restoring backups Change SPF to default to ~all instead of ?...

December 16, 2023 · 2 min · Ilia Ross

Virtualmin 7.8 released

Update host and domain default page #629 Add support for different Let’s Encrypt compatible CAs Add checks for PHP FPM port mismatches and collisions Add API to setup Virtualmin default hostname SSL Add mass password update API in Virtualmin CLI Add mass modify users API in Virtualmin CLI Add various improvements and fixes to Cloudflare DNS Add a flag to show more details when purging backups Add support for fetching mail logs from journalctl if there are no regular log files available Changed password hashing to be enabled by default on all new installs Fix to allow domain name check to be skipped in domain creation time Fix backups when DNS zone is hosted on Cloudmin services Fix various bugs for S3 backups Fix syncing of SSL cert to MySQL/MariaDB #571 Fix to break possible linkage to snakeoil cert and key Fix to show progress when checking php....

September 15, 2023 · 2 min · Ilia Ross

Virtualmin 7.7 released

Fix support for enabling and disabling the HTTP2 protocol Fix several bugs in the creation of AAAA and MX records Fix bugs in the management of secondary mail servers Fix creating mail forwards and auto-replies Add automatic use of Cloud credentials if available when backing up to S3 or GCS running on Amazon EC2 or Google Compute Engine

April 16, 2023 · 1 min · Ilia Ross

Virtualmin 7.6 released

Add ability to host DNS zones on remote Webmin servers Add support for EC SSL certificates Add support for remote databases for PostgreSQL in the same way as MySQL Add an option to share the same DNS zone file with different owners

March 30, 2023 · 1 min · Ilia Ross

Virtualmin 7.5 released

Fixed the way PHP extensions are enabled when installing scripts Cpanel migration fixes for parked domains Bugfixes for setting the limit on the number of processes in PHP FPM mode Added support for enabling an SSL website automatically Added buttons to start and stop the SASLauthd server Implemented support for backups to Azure Blob Storage Added support for enabling a PHP log file and a UI for viewing it Added a link to the new Webmin Terminal module for logging in as a domain owner The aws and b2 command paths are now detected automatically Numerous bugfixes in support for Cloud DNS providers

January 7, 2023 · 1 min · Ilia Ross

Virtualmin 7.4 released

Bug fixes release

November 22, 2022 · 1 min · Ilia Ross

Virtualmin 7.3 released

Added support for the upcoming WebSockets Terminal module Added support to force-refresh domains expiration status Added a feature to display DNS text records in a column by virtualmin-gpl#468 Added help for --letsencrypt and --letsencrypt-always by virtualmin-gpl#470 Added DKIM records to be shown in suggested list Fixed to allow resellers of virtual servers to change PHP mode too Fixed support for OAuth app enrollment for Google Cloud Storage and DNS

October 22, 2022 · 1 min · Ilia Ross