New Authentic theme screenshot

What’s New in Cloudmin 9


New Authentic theme screenshot

Perhaps the biggest new feature of Cloudmin 9 is the new Authentic Theme. This theme has been in development for over a year, and is a major overhaul of how things look and feel in Cloudmin. It has been the default theme in Virtualmin since version 5.0 and Webmin since 1.790, and now has been integrated fully with Cloudmin. The project was started by Ilia Rostovtsev, and we've been working with him ever since to integrate various features, and to make Webmin and Cloudmin more themeable. Authentic has been available for a while, but it's now the official theme for Cloudmin, and is fully supported, and Ilia has joined the Virtualmin team.


Responsive Cloudmin UI

Aside from looking really cool, and being, by far, the best theme yet for Webmin and Cloudmin, Authentic Theme has a lot of flexibility that older themes didn't have. It is responsive, so it scales down to small devices like phones and tablets without having to use a separate theme, as we've done in the past. Cloudmin now works on any modern browser on any modern device with the same UI.

Xen xl Command Support

Cloudmin supports Xen systems using the latest Xen xl command set, allowing using on the latest distributions and with the most up to date version of Xen.

More Advanced Backups

Cloudmin Backup Configuration

Cloudmin 9 makes it easier to manage backups across many virtual machines and containers to a single destination.

API and Command Line Enhancements

As always, when new features and capabilities are added to Cloudmin, the command line tools and the API are enhanced to support those new features, whenever possible. Docker support in Cloudmin Professional means scripts and tools that integrate with Cloudmin already will be easily extensible to support Docker containers, as well. The Cloudmin command line and remote API are easy to use, easy to script with, and provide a unified interface to many virtualization types.

New Features in Cloudmin Professional 9

Docker Containers

Docker support

Cloudmin is among the most flexible tools in its class, in terms of virtualization and container type support. Prior versions of Cloudmin support Xen (in multiple versions), KVM, LXC, OpenVZ, VServers, Solaris Zones, EC2, and Google Compute Engine. Cloudmin 5 adds support for the popular new container type, Docker. Docker is a containerization system for service-based architectures, and Cloudmin 9 makes it easier to manage both fully virtualized machines as well as service-oriented containers.

Cloudmin updates

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If you've never tried Cloudmin before, now is the perfect time. Cloudmin GPL is always free and Open Source and supports unlimited VMs on one host system, or try Cloudmin Professional for 30 days risk-free. Cloudmin Professional supports virtual machines and containers spread across any number of host systems managed from a single administrative UI, has several additional virtualization and container types, powerful system statistics graphs, advanced account types to allow delegation of VM and container management, and includes unlimited premium support.

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