Associate an EC2 EBS volume with a system, or remove an association

This command connects an existing EC2 volume with a running instance. The volume must be specified by ID using the --volume flag, and the system by the --add-host flag followed by a hostname. You must also provide the --account flag, followed by an EC2 account number.

By default, Cloudmin will pick a free disk device on the virtual system to associate the volume with, like /dev/sdf2. However, you can override this with the --device flag.

Breaking the association between a system and volume can be done with the --remove-host flag, followed by the system's hostname. This will not harm any data on the volume, but may not take effect until it is un-mounted.

Example usage

  cloudmin associate-ec2-volume --volume vol-8637d2ef --account 12345678 --add-host
  Associating with volume vol-8637d2ef ..
  .. done, using device /dev/sdf1

  cloudmin associate-ec2-volume --volume vol-8637d2ef --account 12345678 --remove-host
  Disassociating with volume vol-8637d2ef ..
  .. done

Command Line Help

Associates an EC2 EBS volume with an EC2 system, or breaks
an existing association.

cloudmin associate-ec2-volume --account number
                              --volume id
                              --add-host hostname |
                              --remove-host hostname
                             [--device /dev/something]