Edits a file on a single system

This script can be used to fetch a single file from a Cloudmin managed system and either save it on the master, upon which an editor is launched on the downloaded file. Once the editor exits, the file is re-uploaded to the original system. The source is selected with the --host flag, which must be followed by a hostname or IP address. The file to edit is selected with the --file flag.

For OpenVZ, Vservers and Zones systems, the file transfer will be done via the host system, which works even if the virtual system is down. However, you can force a transfer via SSH from the target system with the --force-ssh flag.

Example usage

  cloudmin edit-file --host xencentos.home --file /etc/hosts

Command Line Help

Edits a file on a single system.

cloudmin edit-file --host name
                   --file path