Updates a Cloudmin system owner

This command changes the details or permissions of a Cloudmin system owner account. The account to modify is specified by the --name parameter, and a new login, real name, email address or password can be set with the --newname, --real, --email or --pass flags respectively.

To temporarily lock the account, use the --lock flag. To reverse the lock, use --unlock.

To add a system to the list of those managed by this account, use the --add-host flag followed by a hostname known to Cloudmin. Or to take away a system, use --remove-host followed by a hostname.

The --can-* and --cannot-* families of flags can be used to grant or remove permissions on the hosts this account owns. For a full list, see the documentation for the create-owner command.

Example usage

  cloudmin modify-owner --name freeman --add-host xenblah.home --can-run 
  Updated Cloudmin system owner freeman

Command Line Help

Updates an existing Cloudmin system owner.

cloudmin modify-owner --name username
                     [--newname username]
                     [--email address@domain]
                     [--pass password]
                     [--plan name]
                     [--plan-actions | --no-plan-actions]
                     [--max-servers number | --unlimited-servers | --plan-servers]
                     [--max-ram bytes | --unlimited-ram | --plan-ram]
                     [--max-disk bytes | --unlimited-disk | --plan-disk]
                     [--max-cpu number | --unlimited-cpu | --plan-cpu]
                     [--max-ips number | --unlimited-ips | --plan-ips]
                     [--max-bw bytes | --unlimited-bw | --plan-bw]
                     [--max-space bytes | --unlimited-space | --plan-space]
                     [--lock | --unlock]
                     [--real "Real name"]
                     [--add-host hostname]*
                     [--remove-host hostname]*
                     [--can-startup | --cannot-startup]
                     [--can-shutdown | --cannot-shutdown]
                     [--can-reboot | --cannot-reboot]
                     [--can-boot | --cannot-boot]
                     [--can-console | --cannot-console]
                     [--can-graph | --cannot-graph]
                     [--can-view | --cannot-view]
                     [--can-run | --cannot-run]
                     [--can-pass | --cannot-pass]
                     [--can-domains | --cannot-domains]
                     [--can-update | --cannot-update]
                     [--can-script | --cannot-script]
                     [--can-pause | --cannot-pause]
                     [--can-reset | --cannot-reset]
                     [--can-create | --cannot-create]
                     [--can-add | --cannot-add]
                     [--can-empty | --cannot-empty]
                     [--can-delete | --cannot-delete]
                     [--can-advanced | --cannot-advanced]
                     [--can-ips | --cannot-ips]
                     [--can-ifaces | --cannot-ifaces]
                     [--can-realifaces | --cannot-realifaces]
                     [--can-reverse | --cannot-reverse]
                     [--can-limits | --cannot-limits]
                     [--can-vcpus | --cannot-vcpus]
                     [--can-ioclass | --cannot-ioclass]
                     [--can-disks | --cannot-disks]
                     [--can-devices | --cannot-devices]
                     [--can-sshkeys | --cannot-sshkeys]
                     [--can-backup | --cannot-backup]
                     [--can-webmin | --cannot-webmin]
                     [--can-virtualmin | --cannot-virtualmin]
                     [--can-api | --cannot-api]
                     [--can-storage | --cannot-storage]
                     [--can-snapshot | --cannot-snapshot]
                     [--can-mount | --cannot-mount]
                     [--can-groups | --cannot-groups]
                     [--can-rate | --cannot-rate]
                     [--provision-max-mysql number|none]
                     [--provision-max-mysqldb number|none]
                     [--provision-max-dns number|none]
                     [--provision-max-virus number|none]
                     [--provision-max-spam number|none]