dav folder connection

Which apache auth modules does DAV need cause it does not work for me

auth_basic Disabled auth_digest Enabled authn_alias Disabled authn_anon Disabled authn_dbd Disabled authn_dbm Disabled authn_default Enabled authn_file Enabled authnz_ldap Disabled authz_dbm Disabled authz_default Disabled authz_groupfile Disabled authz_host Enabled authz_owner Disabled authz_user

im testing to connect with it in windows 7 with http://domain.net:80/dav just says invalid folder



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Submitted by ronald on Mon, 05/10/2010 - 17:24 Pro Licensee

On a note: windows 7 has problems with DAV alltogether.

I believe mod_dav would function with the "dav" and "dav_fs" modules.

That said, beware that DAV has a number of significant limitations. Since the mod_dav module can only run as the Apache user, any files uploaded will have the permissions of the Apache user... and any files that are modified would need to be writable by Apache.

It's a fairly significant limitation -- and often is difficult to use unless you're using mod_php, keeping all files and dirs in the public_html dir writable by Apache.

Ok I was just curious if it works on my fresh installment. So it is still useless. Then I better stick to my ssh tunnel :) or sftp drive.

Thanks anyway