httpd package


I just saw that the httpd package on our VM's with Virtualmin comes from Virtualmin's repository and not from CentOS repo.

Is it a requirement from Virtualmin ? Do we have the choice to stick with CentOS' repo ? Is it because CentOS official packages are too old ?




Howdy -- the package in the Virtualmin repository is identical to the one provided by CentOS, with the exception that the suexec binary is recompiled to use /home rather than /var/www.

Using suexec is a more secure setup, and having that recompiled to use /home is required for suexec to work in a Virtualmin environment (where you can use CGI and FCGID for executing PHP/CGI scripts, making those scripts run as the Virtual Server owner rather than the Apache user).

However, if using the more secure suexec environment and CGI/FCGI isn't important to you, you could use the CentOS version of httpd if you prefer.

We wouldn't recommend that though, we'd highly recommend using suexec for running apps.

Ok, that's very clear.

Thanks a lot !