Need confirmation license was paid via VM directly

I still have 5557097 listed as being owned by me still and I need confirmation that license was renewed for the past 3 years.

If that is the case I need that transfered out because I have no record of the renewals so I disabled that one and another that used to be under my account.



I'm checking into that now...

The other license was 5557096 -- both seemed to have been renewed but I have no records of this in my billing and if that is the case I need to know if they were renewed here and if so what user do i need to transfer the license to.

Any news on this andreychek ?

Sorry for the delay.

I'm communicating with that user regarding that, as we had just been talking about a different license a little earlier today. We're trying to figure a couple of things out, and once we do, we'll let you know!

He claims he has been paying for the renewal since he bought the license from me in 2009 but he is using both licenses still and I renewed them under my account and I failed to send him a invoice but now he claims he has paid for them directly from Virtualmin so I need to know if he did and I need a refund then for 2 years of renewals on both licenses.

5557097 and 5557096

Okay, thanks for the info -- we'll let you know as soon as we figure some things out!

Ok - be sure to keep me in the loop over this cause Travis claims I did something illegal and unprofessional and I didn't. I saw the licenses were good and while I was verifying my accounts and the renewals his failed because all I had where the initial invoice but no renewals so I disabled both licenses because I had no record of them being paid.

Both licenses were under my account and that gave me the right to disable them until I could verify they had been paid for.

I would like to have 5557096 re-transfered to my account until this has been resolved.

I would like to have 5557096 re-transfered to my account until this has been resolved.

Well, he's definitely been ordering license renewals directly from over the last couple of years, including one in August.

We're trying to get some clarification from him on some items before we make any additional changes though... we'll let you know once we get that all sorted out.

ok but both licenses have been renewed for the current year then right ? If so I'll just transfer the last license to user seattleserver

Sorry for the delay, but we're still waiting on some information that we need. As soon as we have that, we'll get this all straightened out :-)

This will all be sorted out soon, and we'll keep you in the loop. Thanks!

Well I transfered 5557097 to seattleserver anyways.