When i send email to outside or any where the receiver end the address comes like How to make it clear as normal How to fx it. Because of this I can not receive any Emails. As my Email address is in different format. I use postfix and dovecot.



Howdy -- what email client are you using when that issue occurs?

Normally, it's a matter of setting the correct username in the "From" field of the email client... it sounds like in your case, that's not occurring for some reason.

is there any way inside virtualmin so that I can set how it shows the username and domain name in the receiver end. Currently in the receiving end every one is getting the emails in the format

One more thing how to enable the virtualmin webmail. I meant https://doaminname:20000 in virtualmin GPL and porfessional versions

How are the emails you're sending being generated?

That is, what email client are you using?

It's up to the email client to set the format of the From address... so what we'd need to do is determine what email client you're using, and then verify the settings within that email client.

My customers are using squirrel mail as webmail, Inside the squirrel mail I use some plugins for making the username as the format When ever i create an email account it will be in the format user.domain.

Now when users are sending emails from webmail at the receiving end the email format is How to solve this issue ?

Squirrelmail may not be able to auto-detect the email address associated with the account your users are logging into.

Your users may need to go into the Squirrelmail settings, and set the correct "From" address to use.

Once the From address is set in the Squirrelmail settings, that should correct the problem you're seeing.

That's correct, Usermin (the webmail app running on port 20000) is designed to use the correct email address format.

Webmail apps written by third parties (such as Squirrelmail) may not be able to detect the correct email address, and may need the From address to be set in the Settings.

I believe RoundCube comes with a plugin to help it autodetect the correct From address, you could also look into using RoundCube.