Good day!

Could you please tell me, if it's possible to make (set it up in templates using Virtualmin) each virtual host load regular php.ini file (/etc/php.ini) without copying anything to each home dir of a user (without ~/etc/php5/php.ini).

I just want all my servers to load regular php.ini and customize it via the httpd virtual host directives?

By the way, if I set PHP script execution mode to CGI Wrapper (not FCGI) then it doesn't change anything when I tweak ~/etc/php5/php.ini?

Why is this happening?



Howdy -- if you use the FCGID or CGI PHP Execution Modes, it should use $HOME/etc/php.ini for the PHP config file.

If you want it to use one central config file, you could use mod_php, although that mode is insecure when using a multi-user system.

Alternatively, if you just want a way to be able to update all the php.ini files on your system, you can do that using the Virtualmin command line tools. You can see the available parameters for changing php.ini files by running this command:

virtualmin modify-php-ini