Order of Install

I am going to setup a new dell server. 32 gb ram and 1 tb sata.

From what I have been reading Centos 5 is the best choice for Cloudmin if Centos is my choice?

Next I wish to ask in what order should I install.. I have Virtualmin Pro and will purchase Cloud Pro today so do I install Centos 5, Cloudmin and then virtualmin, or Centos, Virtualmin and then Cloudmin.

I wish to do both shared and vps hosting on the same server, if possible.

And would this give me the option to set up my own vps installs instead of or also using Xen etc?

Also is it better to install centos on bare metal servers or us a hypervisor like esxi and then do my installs from there?

Obviously I am a recent Virtualmin Pro user but think I have found some great packages here. Please keep up the good work.

Thanking you advance. Ray



Howdy -- we're glad to hear you're enjoying Virtualmin!

Regarding what distro and version to install -- there's a few factors involved, but it comes down to personal preference, as well as the type of VPS's you wish to run.

Would KVM work for you?

If so, CentOS 6 would be a great choice.

In most cases I would suggest installing CentOS onto your bare metal server.

As far as which to install first --

Either would work.

However, it might make things slightly simply to install Cloudmin first, and get that up and running, since that will make some changes to the network devices.

Once that's working, you could install Virtualmin -- and then add a Virtual Server and verify that it's detecting the IP address of your network interface properly (if not, let us know and we'll lend a hand).

When that's complete, you could then log into Webmin on port 10000, and you'd see options for Virtualmin and working with the shared hosting, as well as options for Cloudmin and working with VPS's.

Thank you for the guidance.

I am using Centos 6.5 64 bit with Virtualmin on another server, but I think you guys would know more if DVM would work with what I am trying to do.

I imagine I would have to work and become familiar with whatever Cloudmin I am using.

So if KVM is a good option I will do some quick tutorial type research.

If Centos 6.5 64 bit would work I will start with that and then proceed to Cloudmin.


Yeah Xen worked well with CentOS 5, though in newer distros KVM seems to be favored now, and is simpler to get working, especially so on CentOS 6.

Further, since you're looking to do shared web hosting on that server, having the newer packages available in CentOS 6 seems desirable.

For those reasons, it seems as if CentOS 6 would suit you well. You mentioned 64 bit, that will work great as well.