Not possible to edit previously created SSH Public key

When clicking on Cloudmin Settings > SSH Keys and clicking on any previously created SSH key, then on "Edit SSH Key" page it is possible to edit "Private key data", but not "Public key" field.



That's because the public key data is computed from the private key. It's just shown for easy copy and pasting.

I see. But then maybe it should be given as normal text and not as a text field because some users could think it is a bug.

And another relevant to this question is how can we set the same SSH keys (private and public pair) for different Cloudmin setups?

I think I made it an un-editable text box because it is easier to copy and paste (you can use ctrl-a for example).

I don't quite follow your second request though. Do you have multiple Cloudmin master systems?

I see that. Well, this is not so much important, but maybe at least that field could be little bit grayed out? I am thinking just from usability point.

Yep, we have several Cloudmin systems and would like all of them to use the same keys. Why? Isn't recommended to do like that?

I'll see if I can make it clearer that it is disabled in the next release.

And yes, you can certainly share the same key between multiple Cloudmin master systems, by copying and pasting the private key.