Cloudmin not login with root only to check status of other hypervisor or vms only

I have strange issue with cloudmin when i created new user with "admin" and change the port 22 to custom 2202 , cloudmin not able to reach to hyper visor or VM's . It only login with root only and not accepting new user .

Any suggestion for this problem Its working with default user "root" to get added new vms and kvm hosts but not with other user to enhance security as i don't want we should access kvm host or vm with user "root" instead i would like to add new user for login purpose .



When you say you changed the user, was this the SSH login or the Webmin login?

Hi Jamie , Its ssh user which i changed to login from cloudmin server to kvm or vms'


So you renamed the root Unix user on the system to admin ? Or did you add a new user with UID 0 named admin ?

Hi , i have not renamed the user . I have created new user admin on hyprvisor and I have denied root user via ssh "PermitRootLogin no" so that cloudmin can check status from "admin" user not from root . I have changed the user in password section .This is ssh security and to prevent from any hack during password sniffing . I am getting below message on cloudmin for hosts

Status: Ping failed Thanks

Does this new user have permissions to switch to root via the sudo command? Because Cloudmin needs some way to run commands as root on the system..