Selecting Sending Mail Via Different Dedicated IP Addresses



Many thanks... Yes, I did try following that article before I posted this request... as I got stuck at this bit -

To enable use of a domain's IP address for outgoing SMTP connections in Virtualmin, simply go to Server Configuration -> Email Settings , and change Send outgoing email for domain from IP to Virtual server's address . Then click the Save button.

You can also enable this feature using the API command modify-mail , with the --outgoing-ip flag.

I haven't got the bit to Send outgoing email for domain from IP to Virtual server's address listed - see attached screenshot.

And I didn't understand the other option -

modify-mail , with the --outgoing-ip flag.

Can you give a worked example please - the domain is and the dedicated IP address is:

Very many thanks again for your help.

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P.S. It wouldn't let me attach the screenshot but these are the only options under email settings for the domain -

Email Settings
In domain Virtual server email-related settings BCC outgoing email to Nowhere - just deliver to recipients Additional email address BCC incoming email to Not currently enabled in your Postfix configuration

<- Return to virtual server details

Ah, I think I see the issue... and I'll give you just a moment to prepare for bad news :-)

The feature you're after to support sender-dependent outgoing email, as Postfix calls it, requires Postfix 2.7 or higher.

It looks like you're using CentOs 6 there, and that comes with Postfix 2.6.

That unfortunately means that the feature you're after isn't going to work on your particular distro. Sorry!

In order for that to work, you'd need to change to a different distro -- either CentOS 7, or Ubuntu 12.04 or higher.

Hi Andreychek,

Many thanks and that explains it then and I'll try and upgrade Centos then...

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In latest Virtualmin there is menu " Server Configuration -> Email Settings", and no "Send outgoing email for domain from IP" option. I can found it via search by "Send outgoing email", but it is shown for another domain, not selected one. Can you fix it ?

Just to verify, had you gone through the steps linked in Comment #1 above? Those would need to be done before you'll see an option for it.

Also note that it only works in Postfix 2.7 and above, older Postfix versions don't support that.

virtualmin modify-mail --outgoing-ip --domain

Email is not enabled for Virtualmin. But postfix is running. I don't want to receive email, it is on Gmail for domains, I want only to send emails from IP-domain.