Root Shell not working


I've been using cloudmin for a while now and I've yet to be able to use the Root Shell function. When I open it for a local KVM instance it just sits there with :

Opened shell on ..

I can't type any commands etc. the top left icon next to "colors" is flashing.

Is there something more I need to do to login to the shell via the CLoudmin interface?



Can you successfully SSH to the same VM from other systems?

Yes I can ssh using putty from any computer

Is there a log file anywhere that I can troubleshoot this with?

Check that gets logged to /var/log/secure or /var/log/authlog on the VM. Is there any message from sshd indicating a successful connection?

Also, which browser are you using to access Cloudmin?

Hi Jamie,

I'm using Opera 28.0

Just tried again while monitoring /var/log/auth.log and got:

lastlog_openseek: Couldn't stat /var/log/lastlog: No such file or directory

So I: touch /var/log/lastlog

and tried again .. Got:

Apr 15 15:28:28 nova sshd[16062]: Accepted publickey for root from port 48073 ssh2 Apr 15 15:28:28 nova sshd[16062]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)

But still nothing happens when I tap the keyboard.

I attempted the same above in Firefox, Chrome still no luck

If you check the error console in your browser, does it report any problems?

Oddly on my test systems the Root Shell feature works fine in a variety of browsers..

Hi Jamie,

Nothing in the console.

One thing I have done is renamed the instance host name from to

Would that effect things? Where does Root Shell get the host name to connect to?

How did you rename the instance? If you actually changed the entry for it in DNS without also updating Cloudmin, that may cause problems.

I didn't change the local DNS I just renamed the guest in Edit System -> Internet hostname

The DNS is externally hosted and points back to the cloudmin server

I tried to lookup from the shell of the cloudmin host to see if it's getting the correct IP and the correct IP appears.

I also tried root shell for the host system and it worked .. so it's not a browser issue .. Must be something to do with my guests.

Also .. the image below shows what the shell looks like in Firefox and Opera..

Haven't tested other browsers.

Are these VMs hosted on the same system as Cloudmin is installed on, or a separate machine?

There's a mixture of physical systems and VMs locally hosted.

the prompt is just a # where as the vm that work has root@host#

perhaps the incorrect key is being sent .. but that would show up in /var/log/auth.log .. The log indication that the key was accepted

Cloudmin uses the same SSH key for checking the status of systems as it uses for the root shell, so unless the status of the system is shown as "No SSH", it is unlikely that the key is the problem.

If you haven't already, you might want to test this with a different browser to see if it's a client-side issue.

HI Jamie,

See comment #5 for the browsers I've tried. In addition I've tested IE 11 and the window only show the three buttons. I've run these tests an another machine just to be sure.

I installed cloudmin on another server and the same issue exists. Both are ubuntu 14.04

Another question I forgot to ask earlier - are you using the pro or GPL version of Cloudmin?

Any chance I could try accessing your system (even as a system owner with limited permissions) to check if the problem is client or server side?

Hi Jamie,

I've sent you a login to our system

Cheers, Ryan