Question on dual-interface KVM guests and DNS

So --- it's like this. I've been creating all my KVM guests with two interfaces - one publicly accessible and one private (192.168.3.x) .

When a guest is created I'd REALLY like to automatically create two DNS entries - one for each address. Cloudmin creates ONE dns entry and apparently always assigns it to the address on br0 - which isn't really the optimal solution for me. I'd like to have it in this case assign the name I give to br1, and a rule-created one on br0 --- or at least be able to give a name to both interfaces. I don't see anyway to do that, though I may not be seeing the whole picture.




Hmm --- I suppose I could write a script to create the 2nd DNS entry and run it after the server configuration???

Yes, that would be one option. I suppose in theory Cloudmin could create a second DNS entry, but what would it be named?

Perhaps if it just had a place to put in a name for each bridge?

I suppose a simple work-around would be to add additional DNS entries like and so on for each extra interface. This is already done in Cloudmin for DHCP config entries for extra interfaces..