Webalizer Mixedup!

Webalizer: I have noticed that one website's visitor stats are being written to another site's stats directory. At times, both start with same letter. E.g. /var/log/virtualmin/wr.com_access_log and /var/log/virtualmin/wi.com_access_log

Also, Awstats report for one of them is 0!

Now, another issue related to this problem is how do I distinguish report data from one website to that of the other?

I did change the dir path in "Write report to directory" under "Edit Log File" to the correct/corresponding one. But I am not sure that resolved the issue. I still see the old domain's log files in "Base logfile path"

Appreciate help correcting this error/problem!



Howdy -- does it help to disable, and then re-enable, the Webalizer feature?

When I try to disable the feature, I get the error: Failed to save enabled features : The feature Webalizer reporting cannot be disabled, as it is used by the following virtual servers .....

Ah, I actually mean to disable it just for the Virtual Server in question, but going into Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features.

Ah, It fixed the problem after disabling/enabling for that particular site!

As always, greatly appreciate your help and a million thanks...

One more thing, is this the "good resolving procedure" I follow if I see other sites with the same issue?

How about AWStats? It has been zero for over two months while Webalizer shows a hundreds of visits logged..

While I was trying to do the same (disable/enable Webalizer) for another pair of sites ( this time starting with p), it stops at this point: "Deleting scheduled Webalizer reporting "

Excellent, I'm glad that helped for Webalizer!

While I'm not sure why you're experiencing that issue, if you see that same problem for other sites, you can certainly try that same thing.

If you discover that you begin seeing that same issue again in the future, let us know though, as we'd at that point like to investigate further why it's occurring.

As far as the most recent Webalizer related error you're seeing --

Do any errors appear in /var/webmin/miniserv.error when that occurs?