Protect against dangerous actions when web page is reloaded`

I originally asked this in a forum post back in 11/2014 and I was supposed to open a ticket, but never got around to it. Here it goes:

I am curious if other folks get bitten by this, or if I'm just a doofus.

I think that Cloudmin should redirect to another page after dangerous functions are invoked from the interface and completed. More than once, I have forgotten about a tab that was open to a "System State->Reboot System" or "System Operations->Reset From Image" completion and when the web browser restarts, the function repeats!!!

One solution I can think of is that the status/completion pages with dangerous operations have some sort of session key coded into them to keep them from starting unless they have been invoked from the left pane.




This should actually be prevented already, as the forms that perform some action in Cloudmin all use POST requests which a browser should not re-submit. One exception is the reset form, which will be fixed in the next release.