File system of guest OS won't expand upon creation when using the CentOS 7.0 64-bit XFS KVM image

When creating a new guest with the CentOS 7.0 64-bit XFS KVM image, the expansion of the filesystem fails. This is the output of the creation process:

Copying 602.18 MB image file to system qub1-server.qub1 ..
.. already on host
Creating virtual system with KVM ..
.. creation started with IP

Waiting for creation to complete ...................
.. creation has completed successfully.

Removing missing disks from fstab file ..
.. done

Expanding filesystem to 5 GB ...................
.. expansion failed : (mkdir -p \/tmp\/\.webmin\/354091_20723_24_create\.cgi && mount -t xfs /dev/loop1 /tmp/.webmin/354091_20723_24_create.cgi && xfs_growfs -D 1292288 \/tmp\/\.webmin\/354091_20723_24_create\.cgi ; ex=$? ; umount /tmp/.webmin/354091_20723_24_create.cgi ; rmdir /tmp/.webmin/354091_20723_24_create.cgi ; exit $ex) failed : sh: ((: mkdir -p /tmp/.webmin/354091_20723_24_create.cgi && mount -t xfs /dev/loop1 /tmp/.webmin/354091_20723_24_create.cgi && xfs_growfs -D 1292288 /tmp/.webmin/354091_20723_24_create.cgi ; ex=0 ; umount /tmp/.webmin/354091_20723_24_create.cgi ; rmdir /tmp/.webmin/354091_20723_24_create.cgi ; exit : division by 0 (error token is "/.webmin/354091_20723_24_create.cgi && mount -t xfs /dev/loop1 /tmp/.webmin/354091_20723_24_create.cgi && xfs_growfs -D 1292288 /tmp/.webmin/354091_20723_24_create.cgi ; ex=0 ; umount /tmp/.webmin/354091_20723_24_create.cgi ; rmdir /tmp/.webmin/354091_20723_24_create.cgi ; exit ")

Mounting new instance's filesystem ..
.. mounted on /mnt/kvm-test.cloudmin.qub1

Setting root password ..
.. done

Updating configuration files with hostname and IP address ..
.. done

Updating network configuration files ..
.. done

Modifying /etc/fstab file ..
.. already done

Allowing SSH logins by root ..
.. already allowed

Setting SSH server port ..
.. done

Un-mounting instance's filesystem ..
.. done

Adding DNS entry test.cloudmin.qub1. for IP address ..
.. done

Starting up new KVM instance ..
.. done

Regenerating SSH host keys ..
.. done

Fetching current status ..
.. status successfully retrieved (SSH)

Re-fetching current status of host system qub1-server.qub1 ..
.. status successfully retrieved (Webmin)

Enabling system at host boot time ..
.. done


Which Linux distribution and version is the host system running? The problem may be that it doesn't support XFS.

Note that we have two CentOS 7 images provided by Cloudmin - one with an XFS filesystem and one with EXT. We recommend the latter, as the support for EXT is better on host systems.