Virtualmin is unable to start ClamAV

Like cs10 mentioned in this post, Virtualmin is unable to start ClamAV plus "clamd@scan.service" is not set to start at boot. To immediately enable ClamAV i need to SSH on my server and use "systemctl start clamd@scan" but its not enough as ClamAV will not start at server reboot. For this i must go to Wmin - Bootup and Shutdown and enable "Start at boot time?" in "clamd@scan.service".

Looks like same problem as and Maybe is time for someone to take a look at this problem.

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Howdy -- we've been looking into the issues you described in those various bug reports. It may be as simple as some missing packages in a lot of cases.

If you're seeing any of that, the best thing to do would be to follow up in one of the existing bug reports, and let us know what happens if you try the troubleshooting steps mentioned in there.

For example, one of your links to the support tracker here is related to missing ClamAV packages... you may want to review that, and see if it helps to install those missing packages.

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