confusing user terminology

I do not provide e-amil services to my clients. HOwever in the virt interface it still refers to users as mailboxes. This causes some issues.

when you log into the domain I then see at the top in bold Based on your limits, 23 additional mailboxes can be added. However they are not mailboxes they are simply user sftp accounts. Also when you create a new user it asks for the user format user@domain.tld even though at the end it comes out user.domain.

Secondly, if i try ot use the button labeled add a website ftp access user it fails with the following error: Failed to save mailbox : Home directory must be an existing directory for website FTP users

Since that doesn't work(and i do not normally provide standard ftp services) how do i get that button to disappear?



Howdy -- we'll look into different ways to word some of the text there.

The error you're receiving when adding an FTP user suggests that the DocumentRoot Virtualmin thinks that domain is using may not exist.

It's possible to limit what your Virtual Server owners are allowed to do regarding new users.

If you go into Administrative Options -> Edit Owner Limits, you can set "Maximum allowed mail / FTP users" at the top.

You can also go into "Allowed capabilities and features", and disable "Can manage users" altogether.

the limit is not the issue..the term of calling them mailboxes when i am not providing mailboxes is hte confusion part of the text.

Understood, we'll look into whether there's a better way to handle that.

As far as the limit goes, I was just addressing your question of "how do i get that button to disappear?"

that will not get rid of the ability to add ssh users to the account will it? it appears that removing the ability to add mail/ftp users would kill both since users in virtualmin are considered e-mail users?

Ah I see -- yes, you are correct, that would indeed remove both buttons, not just the FTP one. At least, they would be removed for the Virtual Server owner, the Master Admin can always add additional users.

But yeah both types of accounts are treated the same -- both buttons are either there, or not.

yes..i think we should be able to group the users into ftp, ssh, web or e-mail. change the terminology to users not mailboxes and make the individual buttons removable without killing the entire user funtionality.

I'll fix the wording in the next release of VIrtualmin to prefer "user" instead of "mailbox"

that will help..:)