I need to upgrade license


I just purchased a virtualmin licence 5563221 - I need to upgrade to the next level. How to I do that?





Howdy -- that's unfortunately harder than it should be due to limitations with our billing system.

What we'd need to do is refund and cancel your current license, and then you can buy a new license whenever you're ready.

Would you like us to do that?

Okay, you're all set! The order and transaction have been cancelled, which means you won't be charged for your previous license (the order hadn't had time to go through yet).

Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!

I now have a new license number and serial number. Cannot see how to add it to virtualmin.

Sorry I meant to share this command earlier... the step to apply your new license to this server can be done with this command:

virtualmin change-license --serial 5563223 --key ipBe2eCmhA