Trying everywhere on intenet and google, cannot find less complicated solution install asterisk. do virtualmin offer some hints to start?

I need

Asterisk Asterisk User Interface Manager



Howdy -- sorry, Virtualmin unfortunately doesn't offer a simple method for setting up Asterisk.

Note that there do appear to be Asterisk packages available on Ubuntu 14.04, you can see those here:

We can't provide support on how to setup an Asterisk server, but if you want to install any of those packages you can do so in Webmin -> System -> Software Packages.

I see so if I go "Webmin -> System -> Software Packages." I can install the any packages on GUI interface instead of command line?

That is correct.

You can use the GUI, or the command line, which ever is your preference.

do you know which is the reference or tutorials which components to install in sequence ?

I know it is outside the box but seems ubuntu does not provide any


I haven't actually used Asterisk before, so I don't know which tutorials are the correct ones.

Doing a quick search, it looks like a lot of tutorials talk about installing Asterisk from source. I'd definitely look into one that allowed you to install using the packages in the Ubuntu repository, if possible.

Packages are a lot easier to maintain than custom compiled source code is.

I don't know which tutorial to recommend though, as I haven't tried any of them before, sorry!

thanks kind reply, no worries.

The only question I have

do you use ubuntu package install any application before? if yes how do you know which one to install by sequence?....


I've installed packages on Ubuntu before, but not for Asterisk -- I have never used Asterisk before. Sorry!