SpamExperts Integration

Any chance you could add SpamExperts to the list of supported external spam filters? This service is quite cost effective ($1US per domain for up to 1000 email accounts and fairly high traffic per domain). Performance has been good so far. Annoying for users having to manage passwords in both Virtualmin and SpamExperts. Their API is here

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Sure, I could add this, assuming that they use MX records to direct mail for spam filtering.

What MX records do you need to add to a DNS domain to use SpamExperts?

This is partly because the new version of WHMCS includes the ability to purchase a spamexperts account through WHMCS -- which would mean that if there was a simple integration in VIrtualmin we could sell more reasonable spam filtering services to our clients AND make it easy for them to provision it. It's basically just changing MX records -- they have a lot of info at

I'll add SpamExperts to the list of supported mail filtering services in the next Virtualmin release.

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