AWstats can't be enabled with Nginx


Awstats cannot be enabled with Nginx, and it prompts "AWstats reporting cannot be enabled for a server without a website". I was able to reproduce this bug on every Centos system I have.

I posted a while back the detailed issue, and the workaround for this:

Perhaps it will be solved in the next release :)

Closed (fixed)


The work-around doesn't seem to include a way to run the AWstats CGI scripts via Nginx though, which is the hardest part of the problem..

I'm not sure what you mean, can you be more specific?

I believe Jamie is saying that he doesn't have a way to run all the components of awstats from within Nginx.

Once you performed your workaround, were you able to access the awstats CGI scripts that show the reports?

Yes, after the workaround the reports are fully functional from virtualmin > logs and reports> awstats reports.

To my understanding, the way awstats works is that it is simply a perl script reading a log file. As long as the configuration is correct (pointing to the correct log file), and there is a cron job triggering a awstats script to reread the log file to update the stats, awstats should be functional regardless of the web server used.

Oh, so you are accessing the awstats report as just regular HTML files rather than via it's CGI script?

We'll look into supporting this mode.

Ok, support for this has been implemented, and will be included in the next release of the AWstats plugin.

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