Question about a nodebalancer, how to manage it with Virtualmin

Hello, I write you for a question. According to image of nodebalancer scheme uploaded, I would create a hosting with an active nodebalancer with 3 vps behind: 2 for duplicate web servers conjoined behind a single NodeBalancer. From there, both of the backend web servers would communicate with a single database server that is not associated with the NodeBalancer. This way, any incoming connection to the NodeBalancer would be split between your two front ends, static content is replicated between the two vps, and any dynamic content is generated from the single database stored on another vps. My question is: how can I manage this particular situation? I should install three different Virtualmin on 3 vps? Is there some documentation (that I haven't found) about? Thank you in advance for a kind response. Best Michele



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

There isn't a managed way of setting up a node balancer, that's something that would need to be manually configured. Whether you put Webmin/Virtualmin on that one would be up to you then, depending on how you intend to manage it.

Having Virtualmin on the two web servers themselves would help (though perhaps technically you might only need it on the one).

And you wouldn't technically need Webmin/Virtualmin on the database server, that could be managed from the web server.

Now, all that said, having Webmin/Virtualmin on all the servers should make management simpler, and Cloudmin may be able to assist you in managing some of that multi-server setup.

Cloudmin can help manage all the VPS's and servers, handle replication of data between the web servers, and so forth.

Info on Cloudmin's replication is here:

And a link to all the other Cloudmin documentation is here:

Lastly, there is information here on how to run a remote database:

Let us know if you have any additional questions!

ok, many thanks. I study these link and if I'll have some other questions I'll write. Meanwhile, many thanks for your precious suggestions. Best Mike

Sure thing, feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!