Failed to start virtual server

I'm in huge problem. After graceful reboot (bringing first down all 3 virtual servers) and then rebooting the host. Cloudmin started only 2 out of 3 servers.

3rd can't be started with simple message: Failed to start, no other description, logs are also not showing anything. I'm running host with fully updated CentOS v7 and Virtualmin.

Please advise how I can debug this problem in more detail, as I need this Virtual to be up and hopefully we can together find if this is a bug.

Thank you.



Howdy -- what do you see when going into System State -> Boot Messages for that particular VM?

Also, check the .console file for the VM under /kvm

Under system state, and .console file is same message:

QEMU waiting for connection on: tcp:,server

But, I see same message for other VM which booted fine.

What next?