Allow Configure Default Template for PHP-FPM and NGINX


I see some feature request related to that, but not what I was thinking that Virtualmin should have.

In past, I used the Real-Gecko plugin for PHP-FPM and NGINX. With that plugin I was able to change my default template for new virtual servers, by just editing the file: Here is the plugin github page:

Now with the official plugin I can't see in that file where to safely edit that template, because the files are progamatically generated...that's not cool, because I'll have to edit every new domain manually, to just set what I want for them.

My request is to make the official plugin more editable and readable for normal users, like the Real-Gecko plugin, or just make one section for template this settings on Servers Template.

I can use the Real-Gecko plugin for that, but that is stoped: 'As soon as official FPM support will become 100% workable I'll drop support of this module.'

Thanks for the atention.



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Hi there - any news on this?

Would be really good to be able to alter the template for the default fastcgi_param entries that are created.


I just stumbled over this issue. In the System -> Server Templates -> PHP Options settings I can defined additional FPM pool options (on the bottom). We've set this properly on our server and it works fine for the Apache webserver. Maybe this issue is solved for Nginx also now and this ticket can be closed? I suppose, since PHP-FPM is the same for Apache + NGinx, this should work in both situations.


Yes, it will work for both webserver types.