very slow domain creation

the creation of an account hangs on Applying web server configuration ..

and then the creation stops. I then have to go into the system..manually remove it from all modules. I will try again

Closed (cannot reproduce)


I recreated the domain account without an ipv6 address and it went quickly and smoothly so i think this bug and the ipv6 assigment bug i just opened might be related?


Are you accessing Virtualmin using a URL that's proxied through your Apache server?

nope. I do not run proxies.

If you create a domain with the same settings from the command line with virtualmin create-domain , does it also hang at the same point?

don't know..i have never used the cli in virt....

You can SSH in as root and run a command like :

virtualmin create-domain --domain --pass foo --default-features

This issue probably seems to be more related to be a temporary cause on your server, like other heavy process running, instead of an IPv6 issue. only shows up when there's an ipv6 issue. This server is brand new with dual 6 core HT cpus and 35 domains. load is usually below 1 and io wait is zero. ram usage is less than 25% of 64 gigsbytes. domain creation is instant if i turn ipv6 allocation off. I have several tickets opened about different facets of ipv6 problems with virt.....everything works fine when i turn ipv6 allocation off.

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