No "password recovery" button

I have installed two instances of Virtualmin recently, one Pro and one GPL. Neither shows the "password recovery" button on the log-in page.

  • Virtualmin: 6.07
  • Webmin: 1.930



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I have seen various other posts about this (that don't seem relevant to my situation), but besides wanting to fix this I'm pointing out that this is how Virtualmin came "out of the box" in both cases. I didn't do anything to break it.

This feature may not be installed by default - try running yum install wbm-virtualmin-password-recovery

OK, don't remember doing that before, but maybe I missed adding it to my notes back then. I thought it was or should be part of the base installation. Anyway, that worked. Thanks.

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Great! Yeah we don't have this enabled by default as not all users want it.

YUP because such could be more/ higher security risk, if not needed then better not use such.

Jamie: Fair enough. I've just realised that I probably don't want it on the GPL server, so I suppose yum remove wbm-virtualmin-password-recovery will just return me to what I had before?

It would make more sense to me if this was just a check box option at System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration.

Jfro: I disagree; this is specious reasoning. If you follow the same logic, connecting a server to a network (never mind the network of networks, the Internet!) is a security risk and therefore you'd better not do it.

Never mind i did write if not needed. ;) Everything not needed but active is always a extra risk in IT, everyone free to decide but defaults on / less secure is the old way to do it.

And yup there was a real security problem with some kind of those functions if you look in this forum to. with pasword change

Any answer to my last question about reversing the installation of wbm-virtualmin-password-recovery: Will yum remove wbm-virtualmin-password-recovery just return me to what I had before?

Thanks, that did indeed work.

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