filemin issue

Filemin error for jailed owners. Unable to browse files when clicking on catalogs tree. How to fix it?



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Howdy -- thanks for your report!

I'm passing this to Jamie for further comment.

Odd, I can't re-produce this. Which Webmin and Virtualmin version are you running there?

debian 9
virtualmin: 6.08
webmin: 1.932

This error is only for jailed owners when clicking in directory tree.
In my configuration jails are in /chroot instead of /home/chroot
Maybe this is the reason?
This problem occurs from the very beginning. Virtualmin was installed 1.5 years ago.

I do some work and reproduce this error
I installed virtualmin on fresh debian 9 on local VM.
I changed the chroot jail directory to /chroot
I created a virtual server in jail.
I switched to the admin server.
And the problem unfortunately occurs.

Oh, interesting ... is /home on a different filesystem from /chroot?

This is the same file system
I changed to /chroot because in /home I use clamscan every hour. I was afraid that files could be scanned twice.
Under virtualmin configuration - advanced options it is possible to change the jailkit directory. So I changed it to /chroot