RedirectMatch rule prevents mail autoconfig

using Debian 10 buster - but should not matter.

When you create a Website redirect, ".well-known" is correctly excluded in the RedirectMatch.

RedirectMatch ^/(?!.well-known)(.*)$ https://new-domain.tld

But then, mail autoconfig does not work anymore, so I'd suggest to do something like this:

RedirectMatch ^/(?!.well-known|mail/config-v1.1.xml|cgi-bin/autoconfig.cgi|AutoDiscover)(.*)$ https://new-domain.tld

or may be include all such ScriptAliases, if any?



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Thanks for your report! I've passed this along to Jamie for further comment.

Do you recall what error you were seeing in your email client when you don't include the fix you've provided?

And also, what email client/version are you using?


Also, are you creating this redirect yourself in Virtualmin, or using it's built-in support for mail autoconfig?